"The art of healing is to bring the soul into contact with the body and bring alive the purpose for which that soul is living." - Robert Fulford DO
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I attended this conference march 3-5 in cancun, mexico, which presented the history and clinical application of ocean water therapy. In the late 1800’s, scientists like claude bernard and walter cannon were discovering that the fluids of the human body were identical to seawater. Rene quinton, a french scientist, performed an experiment where he drained the entire blood system from a dog and replaced it with seawater. Not only did all the dogs survive, but they experienced no shock from the procedure. The entire blood system was regenerated starting with the white cells and then the red. The oxygen in the seawater sustained the life of the dog while the blood system was being replaced and afterwards the dogs who were ill, were cured…

So began the incredible field of ocean therapy. Similar to Osteopathy, ocean therapy created an amazing response in the restorative and healing mechanisms of the body particularly during the flu epidemic of 1918, where those taking seawater, survived!

This conference presented fascinating details about the ocean’s circulatory system and its role in “biocenosis”, how the ocean drives the food chain that sustains life on earth. As currents bring nutrient rich ocean water from the depths, plankton grows in the sun-warmed waters 150 feet below the surface. Quinton seawater is harvested from just below these plankton blooms, cold filtered, and taken to their lab in spain to be bottled in 10 ml glass vials. This water contains ionic nutrients with perfect ph in a medium of living water that has been structured by the eons of time,

Clinical presentations by physicians described the oral, nasal and bronchial administration of this product with better than average outcomes in patients suffering from diseases involving the stomach and intestinal areas (ulcers and inflammatory bowel conditions), upper and lower respiratory tract (reactive airway, chronic lung and sinus problems), and immune/allergic conditions affecting the skin, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal systems. The use of Quinton in elite athletes was described with rather remarkable results. These athletes do not “hit the wall” or “bonk”, and they don’t experience muscle cramps or fatigue during or after exercising. Hydration and electrolyte measurements were performed during intense prolonged exercise and compared between Quinton and placebo with results showing sustained levels and even recovery in the Quinton group compared to falling levels in the placebo group.

My initial interest in attending this conference was aroused when I experienced taking my first vial of Quinton. I felt profoundly relaxed, quiet and a warm wave moved from my head down my trunk, as though I had just been treated, I then palpated the head’s of my family after they consumed a vial of Quinton and to my amazement found their rates to be 1-_ cycles per minute. A substance that stimulates the potency of our own “inner ocean” is worth taking note of, for more information go to

Author: Harry D. Friedman, DO, FAAO