"The art of healing is to bring the soul into contact with the body and bring alive the purpose for which that soul is living." - Robert Fulford DO
Consultation Osteopathy Consultation and Treatment Real Results That Last!

Dr. Friedman has helped thousands of patients get relief from pain and achieve optimum health and wellness. Using Osteopathic and Functional Medicine approaches, Dr. Friedman helps to remove impediments to pain-free motion and stimulate innate healing mechanisms restoring balance and optimal function in the neuro-musculoskeletal, circulatory, connective tissue and visceral (organ) systems. Functional enhancement of the gastrointestinal system may correct faulty digestion and over-stimulation of the immune system associated with dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome, two frequently silent causes of chronic inflammation. Proper assimilation of nutrients without inflammation is the result of specific dietary regimes, supplementation and lifestyle changes supervised by Dr. Friedman.. Additionally, more complete elimination of toxins and waste products facilitates greater health and wellness throughout the body. A review of your health history, and your signs and symptoms will afford greater precision in customizing the right treatment for you. Dr. Friedman will have you feeling and functioning better in just a few short months!

Here are the different ways you can get started now:

  • Office Consultation

  • Inflammation Consultation

    • After filing out the health history questionnaire, the signed consultation contract and the following laboratory tests performed in the last 6 months; CBC, Chemistry panel, Vitamin D test, Lipid profile and Inflammation markers (CRP, Sed Rate, ANA, RA factor). Recommendations will be made and, if accepted, weekly follow-up will be conducted by phone for the duration of treatment.
      Download Health Questionnaire Download Consultation Contract
    • Order the Vitamin D test by visiting the Vitamin D Council Website and click on "am I Vit D deficient?" for a special discounted rate and more info on Vit D. Vitamin D Council Website
  • Medical Case Review Consultation

    • After receiving the health history questionnaire, the signed consultation contract, and a copy of all medical records including all health related consultations, diagnostic studies and treatment regimes undertaken and their relative success or failure. This review will focus on neuromusculoskeletal an/related functional medicine assessment and management to include a differential diagnosis breakdown, recommendations for further testing and potentially helpful treatment approaches and resources.
      Download Health Questionnaire Download Consultation Contract